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Building a Slideshow Using iPhoto, Quick... > Watching and Distributing the Slides... - Pg. 285

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows Create a Soundtrack for the Slideshow in iMovie 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 285 Export your slideshow as a DV Stream. Open iMovie and create a new project. Import the DV Stream that you created in Step 1. Place the DV Stream file on the Timeline Viewer or Clip Viewer. Use iMovie's audio tools to create the soundtrack. You can include music, sound effects, nar- ration, and any other sound you'd like. You can time the sound to the slideshow because you can view it while you are creating the soundtrack, just like when you create any other sort of movie in iMovie. 6. When the soundtrack is finished, export the movie as a QuickTime file. 7. Open the soundtrack movie and delete the video track. 8. Select and copy the entire soundtrack file. 9. Move into the slideshow movie, position the Playhead at the beginning of the slideshow, and add the soundtrack to it. Because you used the slideshow to time the soundtrack, they are exactly the same length so you don't have any scaling issues to deal with. 10. Save the movie--make it self-contained. Watching and Distributing the Slideshow You can enjoy the fruits of your labor in QuickTime Player, just like any other QuickTime movie. You can also distribute your slideshow movie in several ways. Copy the slideshow onto a CD (assuming it will fit, of course) to distribute it or to archive it. · ·