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Building a Slideshow Using iPhoto, Quick... > Preview and Combine QuickTime Segmen... - Pg. 278

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows TIP 278 9. If you don't remember what the resolution of your images are, cancel out of the Export dialog and select images in your albums. When an image is selected, its size appears in the information area between the list of albums and the iPhoto controls area. Find the maximum dimension of all the images in your slideshow in either direction. If you have captured all the images with the same device, such as a digital still camera, the sizes should be the same for all images (although images that are oriented differently will have the two dimensions reversed). Choose the duration of the images in the slideshow by entering a value in the "Display image for" box. The default value is 2 seconds. 10. Choose the background for any "blank" space around images by using either the color or image radio buttons. When an image doesn't fill the screen in either direction, the background you choose will be used to fill in the empty space. To choose a color as a background (I prefer black or white, but you might like another color), click the Color radio button and then click the color tab. The Color Picker will appear, and you can use it to select the background color. If you want to use an image as a background (such as a textured pattern), click the Image radio button and use the Set button to select the image that you want to use. 11. Click Export. 12. In the save sheet that appears, name the QuickTime movie, choose a location in which to save it, and click Save. A progress bar and image count shows you how the process is moving along. When the process is complete, the images in the selected album will be exported to a QuickTime movie. 13. Repeat Steps 5 through 12 for each album. When you are done, you will have a QuickTime movie slideshow of each album. NOTE If you don't want any "empty" space outside the images in your slideshow, you will have to use images that are the same size in both dimensions. This means either using images that are the same orientation or cropping images so that they fill the same amount of space. After you have created QuickTime movies of each segment in the slideshow, you can use QuickTime Player to preview those movies and to combine those segments into a single QuickTime movie. Preview and Combine QuickTime Segments in QuickTime Player Pro 1. Open the first segment of your slideshow in QuickTime Player. If you have used a large image resolution in your movie, prepare to be impressed--especially if you have created any slide- shows in iMovie or iDVD (those methods suffer by comparison). The image quality should be superb (see Figure 15.5).