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Building a Slideshow Using iPhoto, Quick... > Exporting the Slideshow in iPhoto - Pg. 276

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows · Use iPhoto to export images in a QuickTime movie · Use QuickTime Player to import a series of images to create a QuickTime movie Before you start using either of these techniques, you need to do a bit of planning. 276 In addition to deciding what images you will be including in the slideshow, you need to decide if you want all of the images to have the same duration, or if you want to vary the duration. If you want the images to appear on the screen for the same amount of time, you will create a single QuickTime movie containing all of the images in the slideshow. If you want to vary the duration for which images appear on the screen, you will have to build your movie in segments, with the duration of images in each segment being different. Then, you can combine those segments to create the video track for the slideshow. TIP You can use QuickTime Player to add special effects to a QuickTime segment; while you probably don't want an entire slideshow to be created using one of the QuickTime effects, if you create a segmented movie, it can be useful to add some QuickTime effects to indi- vidual segments to add variety to the slideshow. To learn how to add QuickTime effects to a QuickTime movie, see Chapter 1, "QuickTime Pro: Making it All Happen." Next, decide how large you want the images in the slideshow to appear. If you have captured your images using a high-resolution digital camera, they might be very large indeed, such as 2160 × 1440 pixels. You can maintain this resolution, which preserves all of the information in those images, or you can use a smaller size to make the file size smaller (possibly for display on smaller monitors). The larger the size (resolution) that you choose for your images, the higher the quality of those images will be in the slideshow. I prefer to take full advantage of my 3 megapixel camera and use its maximum image size (which is 2160 × 1440 or 1440 × 2160), but you can choose any size for your slideshow.