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Building a Slideshow Using iPhoto, Quick... > Adding Title Slides to the Slideshow - Pg. 282

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows 282 Figure 15.8. A group of images have been imported into QuickTime Player as an image sequence (in other words, a slideshow). 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Save the first slideshow segment. Repeat Steps 5 through 10 for each segment of the slideshow. Move into the movie for the second segment of your slideshow. Choose Edit, Select All to choose the entire segment. Choose Edit, Copy to copy that segment. Move into the first segment and place the Playhead where you want to start the second segment (most likely at the end of the first segment). Choose Edit, Add. The segment that you copied will be added to the first segment. Repeat Steps 12 through 16 for each segment of the slideshow, until you have added them all into one QuickTime Player window. Choose File, Save As. In the Save dialog, name the slideshow, choose a location in which to save it, click the "Make movie self-contained" radio button, and click Save. You now have a movie that contains all of the images that you want to be in your slideshow. If you used segments that have different image durations, each segment will be a video track in your movie (for example, if you had three segments with each having its own image duration, the complete movie will have three video tracks). As the movie plays, the amount of time that the images are displayed on the screen will change as each segment is played. To finish the slideshow, you can add title slides and a soundtrack. Adding Title Slides to the Slideshow Adding title slides to a QuickTime slideshow can be a nice way to start the slideshow, end it, or introduce the various segments included in it. You can place your titles over images, over solid backgrounds, such as a black background, or over a pattern. To add title slides, you can use the following steps.