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Building a Better Video Track > Making Your Movie Flow with Transitions - Pg. 118

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software NOTE 118 iMovie includes a basic set of titles and transitions by default. You can add more titles and transition effects to iMovie to expand the tools that you have available to you. You'll learn all about your ability to expand iMovie's tools in Chapter 13. Making Your Movie Flow with Transitions Back in the section called " The Transitions Palette ," you learned about iMovie's powerful transi- tions tools that you can use to add transition effects to your movies. Adding transitions is quite similar to adding titles, as a couple of examples will demonstrate. Adding a Fade Out Transition One of the more useful transition effects is the fade out technique where a clip fades to a black screen. This transition is great for those times when there is a substantial change between two clips or at the beginning or ending of a segment of your movie. The fade gives the viewer a clear indication that a change is coming, but does so in a smooth way. Add a Fade Out Transition 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Click the Transitions button to open the Transitions tool palette. Click the Fade Out transition. You will see a preview in the Preview window. Set the speed of the fade by using the Speed slider. Moving the slider to the right makes the transition last longer, which means the clip to which you apply it fades out more slowly. Moving the slider to the left makes the clip fade more quickly. Click Preview to preview the fade in the Monitor. The fade out transition will be shown on the clip with which you most recently worked or with a clip that is selected. If the transition is what you want, drag the transition to the right side of the clip on the Clip Viewer that you want to fade out (see Figure 4.23). The transition clip appears as a green box with arrowheads that indicate the direction of the transition. The transition will be rendered and will become part of the movie. Figure 4.23. I have added a fade out transition to the second clip that is called "walk_around."