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Browsing and Listening to Your Library > Browse the iTunes Library Source - Pg. 46

iTunes: Burning Down the House The application works this way so that you can include the same song in one or more playlists. Rather than making multiple copies of the song, iTunes simply creates another reference to that song each time you want to use it. When you import music, all of the original files (MP3 files, if you used the MP3 encoder) are located within the iTunes folder, so that iTunes knows where they are. When you add files to the Library, iTunes only adds a reference to that file to the Library. If you move the original file, the reference will become invalid and iTunes won't be able to use the file any more (fortunately, iTunes will help you find the file again so that the reference can be updated). This is why you see the warning dialog when you use the Add to Library command (you can disable the warning by checking the "Do not warn me again" checkbox). Browse the iTunes Library Source 46 1. 2. 3. 4. Choose the Library as the source. The contents of your Library will appear in the Content pane. Click the Browse button to open the Browse pane. Drag the Resize handle (the small dot in the border between the panes) until the Browse pane and the Content pane are sized appropriately. In the Browse pane, select the Genre, Artist, or Album in which you are interested (see Figure 2.17). The Content pane of the window will show only the contents of whatever you select in the upper pane of the window. For example, to see all the albums by an artist, click that artist's name. In the Album pane, you will see all the albums for that artist. To see the tracks on an album, click the album name in the Album column. In the Content pane of the window, you will see all the tracks on the selected album. To see all the contents of a selected item again, click All. Figure 2.17. I have selected all tracks by the artist James Horner. In the Album column, you can see that I have only one album by him. 5. Select any content to which you want to listen (Genre, Artist, Album, or songs in the Content pane) and click the Play button. The content that you selected will play. NOTE In the columns of the Browse pane, you will see All at the top of each list. When you choose All, all the items in that part of the column will be selected (and played if you click the Play button). For example, if you choose an artist in the Artist column, select All in the Album column, and click Play, then all the albums by that artist will be played. Similarly, if you select All in the Album window and then click Play, all your albums will be played.