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Bringing Content into QuickTime > Importing Files into QuickTime - Pg. 199

Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects Table 8.1. Useful File Formats That Can Be Imported into QuickTime Format Abbrevi- ation Audio CD AIFF AVI DV GIF JPEG MPEG-1 MP3 MIDI Photoshop Pict PICS QuickTime TIFF QuickTime VR WAV Mac OS X File Name Extension .cdda .aiff .avi .dv .gif .jpg .mpg .mp3 .midi .psd .pct .pics .mov .tiff .mov .wav 199 File Format Audio CD Audio Interchange File Format Audio Video Windows PCs Interleave Digital Video Graphics Interchange Format Joint Photographic Exports Group Moving Pictures Exports Group Layer 1 Moving Pictures Exports Group Layer 3 Musical Instrument Digital Interface Photoshop Picture Picture Series QuickTime Tagged Image File Format Virtual Reality Windows Waveform Type of Content Audio used on standard audio CDs Audio Video standard on Digital video Compressed graphics Compressed still images and graphics Compressed video and audio Compressed audio Digital audio Images created by Adobe Photoshop Still images and graphics Series of images, as in a slideshow or animation Video, audio, animation, and much more Still images and graphics Three-dimensional "worlds" that can be ex- plored Standard for Windows audio Importing Files into QuickTime