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iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need · · · · · Music Pictures Public Sites Software 169 The Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures folders contain elements for Web pages that you might want to add to your iTools Web site. For example, if you want to include QuickTime movies on your site, store them in the Movies folder. The Public folder is where you can store files that you want other iTools users to be able to access. The Sites folder is where you store your own HTML pages to be served from the iTools Web site (rather than using the HomePage service's tools to create your Web site). The Software folder contains software that you can download to your Mac. Apple stores system and application software updates here so that you can easily access and download them. To see what software is available, simply open the Software folder. To download any of the files that you see to your Mac, drag the file from the Software folder to a folder on your machine. For example, there is a folder called Mac OS X Software that contains applications that you can download to your Mac by simply dragging them from the folder to your hard drive. The contents of the Software folder do not count against the 20MB size limit (or other size if you have increased it) of your iDisk. Bigger is Better Although being able to store 20MB of data on your iDisk for free is a great value, you might need to have more space available. In fact, if you want to create a Web site with lots of movies, music, and