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Adding Your Sound Effects to iMovie's Au... > Adding Sound Effects Anyone Can Use - Pg. 262

Adding Digital Tricks to iMovie's Bag Adding Sound Effects Only You Can Use 262 With this technique, only the users who perform the following steps will be able to use the new sound effects. NOTE This requires that you use iMovie 2.1.1 or later. Add Sound Effects Only You Can Use 1. 2. 3. 4. Quit iMovie if it is open. Open the iMovie folder within your Library folder. Create a folder called Sound Effects. Place your AIFF sound effect files in the Sound Effects folder. The next time you open iMovie, the sound effect will appear on the list of available sound effects on the Audio palette (see Figure 13.7). Figure 13.7. I have added the sound effect called "hueys.aif " to my Audio palette. NOTE You have to repeat these steps while logged in under another user account to make the sound effect available to that user. Adding Sound Effects Anyone Can Use You can also add sound effects so that they appear on the Audio palette for everyone who uses your Mac. Add Sound Effects So Everyone Can Use Them 1. 2. 3. 4. In the Applications window, select the iMovie icon and open its contextual menu (by holding the Control key down while you click on the icon). On the contextual menu, choose Show Package Contents. Open the Contents folder that is contained in the iMovie folder. Open the Resources folder. You'll see various resources that are available to iMovie (see Figure 13.8).