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Adding Digital Tricks to iMovie's Bag 258 Figure 13.5. The Contents folder contains various files that iMovie needs to able to function. 4. 5. Open the Plug-ins Disabled folder. You will see any plug-ins that you disabled by unchecking their checkboxes in the iMovie Info window. Drag the plug-ins that you want to enable from the Plug-ins Disabled folder into the Plug-ins folder. The next time that you open iMovie, the effects will be enabled again (they also reappear in the iMovie Info window). You can also disable effects that you added by the iMovie Plug-in Pack. Disable Plug-in Pack Effects 1. 2. 3. Open a folder that is not located in your Library folder (use your Home folder for example) and create a folder called "iMovie Plug-ins Disabled." Open the iMovie folder that is located in the Library folder that is within your Home folder. You will see plug-in pack folders for each plug-in pack installed in your Home folder. Drag effects that you want to disable from the Plug-ins folder to the Plug-ins Disabled folder that you created in Step 1. The effects that you move will not appear on the respective Tool palette the next time that you launch iMovie. NOTE If the folder to which you drag an effect is not outside of the Library folder, it might still be loaded when iMovie starts up. To enable the effects again, place them back in the folder from which you moved them. They will be available the next time that you launch iMovie. Using Other Than Black Backgrounds for Titles When you learned how to apply titles to your movies back in Chapter 4, you learned that you can apply them over a clip or, if you check the Over Black checkbox, the title appears over a black screen. There is another option that you can use if neither of these is exactly what you want. This option is to import another background and then apply a title over that background. For example, you might want to use a still image, or you might want to create a different color screen to use as the back- ground for a title. To create a different color background for a title, use the following steps.