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Adding Title Slides to the Slideshow > Add Title Slides to a Slideshow - Pg. 283

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows Add Title Slides to a Slideshow 1. 2. 3. 4. Open your slideshow movie. 283 Select Movie, Get Movie Properties (or press +J). You'll see the Movie Properties dialog. On the left pop-up menu, choose one of the movie's video tracks. On the right pop-up menu, choose Size. The size of your slideshow's images will be shown next to the word "Normal" (see Figure 15.9). This size tells you the size at which you need to create your title slides. Figure 15.9. This slideshow has a resolution of 1440 × 1440, which is a lot better than the 640 × 480 it would have had in iMovie or iDVD. 5. Use an image-editing program to open an image over which you are going to add text or to create a solid or patterned background.