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Adding Sound Effects to the Audio Palett... > Adding Your Sound Effects to iMovie'... - Pg. 261

Adding Digital Tricks to iMovie's Bag 2. 261 3. Use the techniques that you learned in Chapter 4 to create the sound effect at the beginning of the project. For example, you can record a sound, add MP3 music, and so on. You can even create a sound effect that is layered (for example, it can include both recorded sound and music). Use iMovie's sound tools to mix the sound. For example, you can fade the sound in, fade it out, change relative volume levels if you include multiple tracks, and so on. Next, export the sound as a QuickTime movie. Export the Sound Effect 1. 2. 3. Choose File, Export Movie. In the Export Movie dialog, choose To QuickTime on the Export popup menu. Choose CD-ROM Movie, Medium on the Formats pop-up menu. You can choose any format that you would like. Higher quality formats will provide better sound, but the file will also be larger. Click Export. Name the movie, choose a location in which you save it, and click Save. The movie will be exported to the location you selected. NOTE 4. 5. Now use QuickTime Player to remove the video track and convert the sound into AIFF.