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iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 74 If you have the Show checkboxes checked, you will see an image's title and keywords next to it in the Source pane. 10. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 for each image in a roll. When you are done, your images will be more useful because specific images will be easier to find (see Figure 3.14). Figure 3.14. I've associated information and keywords with each image in this roll so I can find specific images more easily. This process is a bit of a pain, but it does pay off when you want to create projects using your images. If you do these steps on a roll of images as soon as you create it (such as when you import images from a camera), the process takes just a few minutes. However, if you wait until you have lots of rolls to do, it can take longer and you aren't as likely to actually keep your image information current. TIP To remove a keyword from images, select the images that contain the keyword, make sure that the switch is in the Assign position, and click the keyword in the Tool pane. It becomes unhighlighted and will be disassociated from the selected images. Here are a few tips to make this process go a bit faster: · If you have a group of images that you want to have the same comment, copy the comment for one of the images. As you select other images, you can paste that comment into the Comments box. · Apply keywords to multiple images at the same time. Select the images with which you want to associate a keyword by holding the Shift key down and clicking the first and last image that you key down want to select (the images between the two will also be selected), or by holding the while you click each image. When you click a keyword, it will be assigned to each image that is selected at the same time. NOTE You might notice that one of iPhoto's default keywords is a checkmark. This is the one keyword that you can't change. The checkmark is intended to be assigned to images tem- porarily so that you can perform a specific task for those images. For example, you might want to order prints from only a few photos in an album. You can apply the checkmark