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iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 2. 73 3. 4. Make sure that the Titles and Keywords checkboxes in the Tool pane are checked; these cause iPhoto to display this information next to each image. You might also want to check the Film Rolls checkbox because when you view your Photo Library, the images are organized accord- ing to the sessions in which you imported them. This makes finding images easier. Locate the group of images that includes the images to which you want to add information. For example, click the Last Import album to work with images that you imported in the most recent session, or check the Film Rolls checkbox and scroll in the Photo Library to find the images that you want to work with. Click the Info button located just underneath the Source pane until you can see the Comments box (see Figure 3.13). Depending on your starting point, you might have to click the button once, twice, or not at all if the Comments box is already displayed.