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Acknowledgments - Pg. x

x Acknowledgments A book like this one is definitely a team effort. The following people were a critical part of this book's team: Kevin Harreld, my Acquisitions Editor at Premier Press, Inc. Kevin was responsible for making this project happen and for allowing me to fulfill the dream I had for this book. Kevin also made sure that the resources needed to complete the project were available. Kevin, thanks for making this book happen! Marta Justak, the owner of Justak Literary Services. Marta is my agent and was responsible for finding a publisher for the book and for making the business arrangements needed to turn the project into a reality. As if that wasn't enough, Marta also was the book's packager and managed the pro- duction process that transformed a bunch of raw Word and TIFF files into the book you are holding in your hands. Marta, I really appreciate your great work (as usual!) on this project. Thanks! Don Mayer, CEO and Founder; Hapy Mayer, CFO and Co-owner; and especially, Dawn D'Angelillo, VP of Marketing; of Small Dog Electronics. Small Dog provided much of the hardware and software that I needed to write this book. Small Dog is a great Mac-friendly retailer; check them out at