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Part A: Appendixes > Mac OS X Developer Sites

Mac OS X Developer Sites

  • Apple’s Mac OS X Developer Site (http://developer.apple.com/macosx/): This site provides a convenient starting point for information about Mac OS X. This site provides links to PDF versions of most of the Apple OS X internal documentation, information about the latest OS X developer software releases, and the scoop on upcoming OS X-related conferences.

  • Apple Developer Connection (http://connect.apple.com/): Apple Developer Connection helps Macintosh developers create successful applications for the Macintosh. This site has been available for years, but it has taken on new meaning recently, due to Apple’s willingness to give away free development environments and related tools for Mac OS X. A free membership is required to access the tools and other information on this site. Once you join, you can download disk images of Apple’s complete OS X Integrated Development Environment, including the Project Builder, Interface Builder, and many more tools.

  • Apple Java Site (http://developer.apple.com/java/): Apple’s site for Java on OS X. Unlike previous versions of the Mac OS, OS X supports a full-blown Java environment that features optional hardware optimizations. No more silly Java Run-Time for the Mac—get the real thing!

  • Apple’s Darwin Site (http://www.opensource.apple.com/projects/darwin/index.html): The Apple page dedicated to information and source code for Darwin, the FreeBSD and Mach-based kernel that is the core of Mac OS X.

  • DarwInfo (http://darwinfo.org/): A site dedicated to promoting Darwin as an operating system on a variety of platforms. This site includes extensive information about installing and using Darwin on x86 hardware, including ISO images that you can download and use to create bootable install CDs for Darwin on x86 hardware.

  • GNU Darwin Distribution (http://gnu-darwin.sourceforge.net/): A complete site dedicated to Darwin development, and supporting and enhancing Darwin on Macintosh and other hardware. This site contains links to information and installable images for installing Darwin on x86 systems. This site hosts a number of mailing lists related to installing, using, and administering Darwin on x86 and Apple hardware.

  • OpenSource Projects at Apple (http://www.opensource.apple.com/): This page summarizes all of the Open Source projects that are underway at Apple, and provides a convenient central location to start from if you are looking to join one of these projects, download the source code, or if you simply want more information about Apple’s commitment to the Open Source community.



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