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Part A: Appendixes > Mac OS X General Information Sites

Mac OS X General Information Sites

  • Apple’s OS X Site (http://www.apple.com/macosx/): It would be hard to think of a better site for general information about Mac OS X than Apple’s own site on the subject.

  • Mac News Network (http://osx.macnn.com/): The OS X portion of the Mac News Network provides daily information about the latest and greatest software releases for Mac OS X, industry events related to Mac OS X, and other breaking OS X news. It also reports rumors about upcoming Apple software and OS X updates, as well as rumors about most software vendors that support OS X.

  • MacAddict OS X Super Site (http://www.macaddict.com/osx/): MacAddict is the most entertaining US Macintosh magazine. Their site features recent articles; reviews; news; tips and tricks; and a number of forums that are easy to post to, search, and interact with. Consider subscribing to the magazine—it’s much easier to stuff into your brief case than the Web site is.

  • Mac OS X Server (http://developer.apple.com/macosx/server/): Apple sells two versions of Mac OS X: the standard version that comes preinstalled on every new Mac, and a high-powered server-oriented version called Mac OS X Server. OS X Server includes a number of system administration utilities and server-oriented software packages, such as a mail server, that are targeted toward enterprise Mac OS X use.

  • Mac OS X Labs (http://www.macosxlabs.org/): The OS X Labs site is full of information about using Mac OS X in higher education. This site was created and is maintained cooperatively by individuals who are responsible for managing Mac OS X systems in a variety of higher education situations. Therefore, it provides a great deal of practical information oriented toward educational use of Macs and Mac OS X.

  • Mac OS Rumors (http://www.macosrumors.com/): For years, this site has been the best site on the Net for getting up-to-date, under-the-table information about upcoming Mac possibilities. This site often scoops almost every other Mac Web site. It’s great fun, and tantalizing at times.



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