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Chapter 23. Viewing QuickTime Movies > Opening QuickTime Player and Setting Qui... - Pg. 619

Viewing QuickTime Movies 619 · Media keys--Media keys enable you to manage your access to protected data files. If you need to get to QuickTime files that are sensitive, you need to use a password (called a key ) to access the files. Individual tracks can also be secured with a key. If you use such secured QuickTime files, you can enter the keys needed to play them by using the Media Keys button. Upgrading to QuickTime Pro Upgrading to QuickTime Pro does not require any additional software installation. All you need is a registration code, which unlocks the additional features of QuickTime Pro. There are several ways to obtain your QuickTime Pro registration code, but the easiest ways are to use the Web: · Go to and click the Upgrade Now link. · Open the System Preferences application, open the QuickTime pane, click the Register tab, and then click Buy QuickTime Pro. You will move to the registration website. Using the website to upgrade is quite simple--just follow the onscreen instructions. You will receive your registration code via the order confirmation web page or via the phone, depending on how you order the upgrade. Save this code because you will need it each time you have to configure Quick- Time Pro. The QuickTime Pro upgrade costs $29.99. Whether it is worth it depends on how much you need the specialized features it provides. If you have the iLife applications, you probably don't need to upgrade. However, being able to download QuickTime content from the Web might just be worth the upgrade cost because you can incorporate that content into your projects. After you have obtained your QuickTime Pro registration code, you use the Register pane of the QuickTime pane of the System Preferences application to upgrade. Enter your name and QuickTime Pro registration code to upgrade to the Pro version.