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Chapter 17. Using .Mac To Integrate Your... > Using .Mac to Synchronize Important ...

Using .Mac to Synchronize Important Information on Multiple Macs

You can also use .Mac to keep important information synchronized on all the Macs you use. For example, you can make sure you have access to the same set of Safari bookmarks on each Mac you use. Similarly, you can keep the same set of information in the Address Book on each of your Macs. To synchronize your Macs, perform the following steps:

Click the Sync tab found on the .Mac pane of the System Preferences application (see Figure 17.9).

Figure 17.9. Use the options on the Sync tab to keep information on multiple Macs synchronized.

Check the “Synchronize with .Mac” check box.

Choose the frequency at which you want information to be synchronized on the pop-up menu. To have information synchronized constantly, choose Automatically. Other options include Every Hour, Every Day, Every Week, and Manually.

Check the check box next to each type of information that you want to be synchronized. For example, to synchronize your Safari bookmarks, check the Bookmarks check box. To synchronize your contact information, check the Contacts check box.

Click Sync Now. The synchronization process will start and you'll be prompted to choose how you want information to be synchronized.

When prompted, choose the synchronization option you want to use from the pop-up menu. The “Merge data on this computer and .Mac” option adds new data on your Mac to that stored in your .Mac account and adds data stored in your .Mac account onto the Mac. The “Replace data on .Mac” replaces all the related data in your .Mac account with information on the Mac. The “Replace data on this computer” option causes data on .Mac to replace the data currently on your Mac.

Click Sync. The data you selected to be synchronized will be moved to and from the Mac and .Mac until it is synchronized according to the option you selected. From this point forward, it will be synchronized according to the option you selected on the pop-up menu.

Repeat steps 1–7 for each Mac you want to keep in sync.



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