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Chapter 6. A Closer Look at Skinning Sof... > Working with the Style XP Interface - Pg. 102

A Closer Look at Skinning Software 102 Figure 6.3. Double-click the Style XP executable to begin the software installation. When you have completed the installation, you have an option to start Style XP. After Style XP is up and running, you can explore the Style XP interface (as we do in the next section). Note The Style XP you download and install is a full-blown copy of the skinning software, but it has a 30-day trial period. To purchase a registration code for the software, return to the home page and click the Purchase link. This page walks you through the steps of buying a registration code and then registering the Style XP software you have downloaded and installed. Working with the Style XP Interface Style XP provides a single application that enables you to set nearly all the options we have dis- cussed (in previous chapters) related to theme elements, visual styles, and other skin elements. It makes pulling all the options together to quickly skin the Windows interface easy. When you open the Style XP window (refer to Figure 6.1), you are presented with a list of choices on the left side of the window; the default selection is Options. When you make a choice on the left side of the window, the options related to that category are available in the Style XP window. Let's take a look at the options provided by each of the choices on the left side of the Style XP window. We can then discuss how to use these various options to apply skin items to Windows. Style XP Options When Options is selected in the Style XP window, you are looking at settings such as how Style XP is loaded at startup and whether the default skin background is loaded. The following settings are offered when Options is selected: · Enable Style XP--Two option buttons are provided to enable and disable Style XP on-the-fly. This lets you easily start Style XP without rebooting the system.