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Part 11. Sharing Your Mac with Multiple Users > Creating and Deleting Users

Creating and Deleting Users

Choose Apple menu, System Preferences, and click Accounts to see the accounts preferences.

If the preferences are locked, click the closed padlock button to unlock them; then enter an admin name and password and click OK.

To create a new user, click the Add User button.

Enter the new user's name, a short version of the name (such as initials), and a password.


Each user of a Mac gets her own account, with separate preferences, home folder, and login identity. You can also create accounts for different uses of your Mac—one that's all business, another for weekends that starts up your favorite game on login, and so on. Each account can have a customized level of access to system functions.


Setting Limits

When you create a new standard user account, you can determine how much access that user has to most of the Mac's functions, such as email and system preferences. In the Accounts pane, click Parental Controls and check the functions to which you want to limit access: Mail, Finder & System, iChat, or Safari. Then click the Configure button next to each function to make specific settings, such as whether the user can modify the Dock or visit specific websites.

To delete a user, click a username in the list and then click the Delete User button.

Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.



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