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Part 6. Organizing Your Life > Finding Almost Anything with Sherlock

Finding Almost Anything with Sherlock

In Sherlock, click the Channels button to show all; then click the channel you want to use.

To search for websites, click Internet.

Type the search terms in the Topic or Description field; then click the Search button.

To go to one of the websites shown, double-click its name in the search results list.


Sherlock is a shortcut to some of the most-visited places on the Web. You can use it to look up everything from phone numbers to auction listings on eBay, all without even starting your web browser. After you've found what you want, a click or two in Sherlock takes you right to that location on the Web.


Worth the Time?

When you click a website name in Sherlock's search results, you see a description of that website at the bottom of the Sherlock window. You can use this information to help you decide whether the site is worth visiting.

To search the Web for images, click Pictures.

Enter the search terms in the Picture Topic or Description field, and then click the Search button.

To see one of the images in its original context on the Web, double-click its thumbnail.


It's the Law

Remember that putting a picture on the Web doesn't mean its creator has relinquished ownership. Respect other people's copyright—don't redistribute their images without permission.


Good Will Searching

If you don't get enough results when you do a search, remove or change your search terms. If you get too many results and want to narrow them down, add more search terms to get a more specific set of results.

To search phone listings, click Phone Book.

Click the white Info button to search for a person; then enter the person's name and click the Search button.

Click the yellow Info button to search for a business; then enter the business's name or a business category and click the Search button.

Click an entry in the search results list to see a map and driving directions.


Sherlock's talents are especially useful for “quickie” searches. You can look up phone numbers, addresses, word definitions, and more at various websites, but with Sherlock all that information is in one place and getting at it is much quicker.


Getting There from Here

Driving directions need a starting point. You can type a city and a state in the Driving Directions From field or type a name from your Address Book. To get directions from your own house, create an Address Book entry for yourself and enter your own name.

To look up a word, click Dictionary.

Enter the word in the Word to Define field, and then click the Search button.

Click the word in the Dictionary or Thesaurus area to see its definition or synonyms, respectively.

If the word isn't found, double-click one of the alternatives presented in the Dictionary area.



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