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Part 9. Living Online > Holding a Videoconference

Holding a Videoconference

In iChat, choose Window, Buddy List if your buddy list isn't visible.

Click the camera button next to your own icon.

Looking at the preview window, adjust your camera angle and height until you're happy with your appearance.

Click the name or screen name of the person to whom you want to talk.


Who needs a videophone? You don't—you have your Mac. If you also have a high-speed Internet connection and a FireWire webcam, you're good to go. First, make sure your camera is plugged in to your Mac and working correctly. Then check your iChat preferences to ensure that iChat realizes the camera is there.


In a Rush?

A quicker way to begin a videoconference is to click the camera button next to the name of the person with whom you want to chat. You can start an audio chat session quickly by clicking the microphone button next to a buddy's name.


Let's Have a Party

To conference with multiple people, +click to select their names in the Buddy List window; then click the Start Video Chat button. To add a participant during a chat, click the + button in the chat window.

Click the Start Video Chat button at the bottom of the Buddy List window.

The video window opens and you can see yourself; when your buddy answers, you can see both your buddy and yourself in the window.

Click the Full Screen button to expand the window to fill your screen.

Click the Mute button to freeze the video and mute the audio of yourself.



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