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Part 1. Getting Started > Minimizing and Maximizing Windows - Pg. 7

Getting Started 7 To move a window so you can see what's underneath it, click its title bar and drag the window to a new position. 2. Click and drag the lower-right corner of a window to change the window's size. 3. View the remaining contents of a window by clicking and dragging the scrollbars. 4. To close a window, click the red button at the left end of the window's title bar. INTRODUCTION Mac OS X is full of windows: document windows, folder windows, more windows than you can count. The Finder shows you the contents of each folder or disk in a window. Each of your open documents--a picture, a text file, a web page, and so on--appears in a window, too. All these windows, whether they belong to the Finder or to the program in which you're viewing or editing a document, have certain features in common. Knowing how to get windows to go where you want them is an important skill you'll use every hour of your Mac's life. HINT More to Windows Than Meets the Eye