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Part 8. Getting Online > Setting Up Email Accounts

Setting Up Email Accounts

Choose File, Add Account. (If you're starting Mail for the first time, you're taken directly to this series of dialog boxes.)

Choose an account type and name and fill in your name and email address. Then click Continue.

Type your incoming mail server's address, your username, and your password; then click Continue.

Check Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and then click Continue.


Setting up new email accounts works the same way whether you're using Mail for the first time or adding an umpteenth different email address for yourself. You'll go through a series of dialog boxes that ask you for your username, password, server names, and other information.


Different, But the Same

If you choose .Mac from the Account Type pop-up menu in the first dialog box, your choices will be slightly different. Mail knows how .Mac is configured, including the server addresses, so it fills in a lot of information itself.


More Fun with Mail Accounts

You can set up as many Mail accounts as you have email addresses. Mail automatically filters your incoming email into a separate mailbox for each address, so you can keep your messages organized.

Type your outgoing mail server's address and (if necessary) your username and password; then click Continue.

Double-check the settings you made; click Go Back to change them or Continue to accept them.

Click Done.



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