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Part 12. Creating a Home Network > Getting Online with AirPort - Pg. 278

Creating a Home Network 278 INTRODUCTION With an AirPort card, you can get rid of those annoying network cables and connect to your network from wherever your computer happens to be, as long as you're close to an AirPort base station. AirPort is great for PowerBooks and iBooks, but you can use it for desktop Macs, too. TIP AirPort in Your Menu Bar With the AirPort status menu, you can switch networks, turn AirPort on or off, open Internet Connect, or connect to AirPort-equipped Macs. Check the Show AirPort status in menu bar box in Internet Connect's AirPort set- tings. HINT Close to Home Base If AirPort is turned on in Internet Connect but you can't get in touch with the network, you might be out of range. AirPort base stations have a range of about 150 feet; you must be within that area to connect to the base station. Getting Online with AirPort