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Chapter 23. Tweaking the GUI > Customizing Folder Views

Customizing Folder Views

Windows XP offers a wide range of options for customizing how files are displayed through the My Computer and Windows Explorer utilities. The View menu (see Figure 23.10) offers the following controls:

  • Toolbars— This control is used to display or hide the standard buttons, Address bar, and links bar. You can also lock the bars (so stray clicks don't alter your layout) or fully customize the button toolbar.

  • Status bar— This control enables the display of an information bar at the bottom of the utility which shows object details, file size, free space, and so on.

  • Explorer bar— This control sets the folder item to be displayed in the right-hand pane. No selection displays the context-sensitive quick access menus of File and Folder Tasks, Other Places, and Details. Selections in this control include: search, favorites, history, contacts, and folders.

  • Views— This section allows quick change of the view used to display file objects: thumbnails, tiles (default), icons, list, and details.

  • Arrange Icons by— This command is used to sort file objects by name, size, type, or modification date. There are also settings for show in groups, auto arrange (maximize layout starting from upper left corner), or align to grid.

  • Choose Details— This command sets the details that appear in ToolTips, details, and Tile view. The defaults are name, size, type, and modification date. Among the 33 options included are attributes, owner, subject, company, and file version.

  • Customize this Folder— This command is used to define custom attributes for the selected folder (see next section).

  • Go to— This menu is used to navigate back, forward, up one level, to the home page, or to recently visited locations.



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