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Chapter 27. System Utilities > Windows Update - Pg. 922

System Utilities 922 These tools provide basic functionality for those with visual or mobility impairments. However, Mi- crosoft warns that these tools should only be used as stop-gap measures. Those needing consistent aid in interacting with their computers should employ a dedicated specialty solution. Microsoft main- tains a Web site with information on accessibility solutions at Windows Update Windows Update serves to synchronize your operating system files with the newest developments for it at Microsoft. These can include free programs, security updates, bug fixes, drivers, or other extensions to the operating system. Using the Internet and Web technologies for updating your operating system means you don't have to wait for the next release of the operating system or install service packs to get interim updates. Obtaining New Updates The Windows Update command is found in several places, including the top of the All Programs section of the Start menu and on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer. Manually launching Windows Update gives you the ability to selectively download offered updates. However, you can easily con- figure Windows XP to download all relevant updates automatically. This setting is made on the Automatic Updates tab of the System applet (see the discussion earlier this chapter). NOTE Another Start menu item in the same category as Windows Update is Windows Catalog. This tool opens an Internet Explorer window to the Windows Catalog Web site. This site maintains a database of products made for Windows, including applications, devices, and complete PCs.