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Chapter 3. Installing Windows XP Profess... > Upgrading over an Existing Operating...

Upgrading over an Existing Operating System

If you're upgrading rather than performing a clean installation, the process is a bit different. Setup checks on the advisability of upgrading and asks a few more questions. This section provides a few points concerning the upgrade or dual-boot with preexisting operating systems. The steps included here are for upgrading over Windows 98 SE. Similar steps apply to the other operating systems.


Let me add an additional note about network connections when you're upgrading. If you're upgrading a Windows 9x/SE/Me/NT/2000 system that's a member of a Windows NT or Windows 2000 domain, you must check a few things in advance, or you'll end up wasting some time. Ideally, you should make sure the Windows 9x machine is connected to the domain and working properly because the user profile for the upgraded workstation needs to be stored on the domain controller.

If the domain isn't available during setup, the user's preferences are placed in a local user account on the workstation computer, and you have to copy the profile to the domain profile after joining the domain. So, to avoid that situation, follow these steps:

Ensure that the computer's workgroup is set to the domain you participate in by choosing Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network (on Windows 9x/SE/Me systems). Then select the Identification tab, and verify the workgroup.

Create a computer account on the domain server if it doesn't exist already. The computer must have access to the domain during setup.

Upgrade the system to Windows XP.

If you don't follow these steps, you'll have to copy the profile to the domain later. To do so, choose Control Panel, System, User Profiles, Copy.



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