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Installing IIS

After you've decided which IIS services to install, you'll need to log on as Administrator or as a Computer Administrator user. Then follow these steps:

Click Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. Select Add/Remove Windows Components from the left pane.

Scroll down the Components list and check Internet Information Services (IIS). Click Details, and deselect any components you have chosen not to install. The following list provides some recommendations for installing IIS:

ComponentShould You Install?
Common Filesrequired
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Serverprobably not
FrontPage 2000 Server Extensionsyes
Internet Information Services Snap-Inyes
SMTP Serviceoptional
Visual InterDev RAD Remote Deploymentoptional
World Wide Web Servicerequired

If you select World Wide Web Service and click Details, you can make additional selections:

ComponentShould You Install?
Printers virtual directoryyes
Remote Desktop Web Connectionyes
Scripts Virtual Directoryoptional
World Wide Web Servicerequired

If you change your mind about using any of these services, you can always select Add or Remove Windows Components again later on.


If you had FrontPage Extensions installed under an earlier version of Windows that you upgraded to Windows XP, you must still manually choose to install the FrontPage Extensions, and reconfigure them afterward. They are not automatically upgraded and configured.

If you want to search the IIS online documentation or want to use site-searching for your own content, be sure that the Indexing Service is also installed. It's listed just above Internet Information Services in the Windows component list.

When you've selected all of the desired IIS components, click Next to complete the Windows Components Wizard. You may be asked to insert your Windows XP Installation CD-ROM.



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