Using the Simple Supplied Applications 122 Character Map Character Map is a utility program that lets you examine every character in a given font and choose and easily insert into your documents special characters, such as trademark (TM and ®) and copy- right symbols (©), foreign currency symbols and accented letters (such as é) and nonalphabetic symbols (such as fractions, 3/4), DOS line-drawing characters (+), items from specialized fonts such as Symbol and Wingdings, or the common arrow symbols (, , , and ). Some fonts include characters not mapped to the keyboard. Character Map lets you choose them, too, from its graphical display. The Program Map displays Unicode, DOS, and Windows fonts' characters. Character Map for Windows XP Home is larger and updated from the one in Windows 98. Now you can choose the character set, rearrange the items in a font (such as grouping all currency types together) to eliminate hunting, and search for a given character. Character Map works through the Windows Clipboard. You simply choose a character you want to use, click Copy, and it moves onto the Clipboard. Switch to your destination application (typically a word processing file), position the cursor, and choose Paste. Using Character Map To run Character Map, follow these steps: 1. Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. When the window ap- pears, check the Advanced View box to see more. The window then appears with all the char- acters included in the currently selected font displayed. Choose the font you want to work with from the Font list. By default, the Character Set is Unicode. This means all the characters necessary for most of 2. 3.