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Chapter 25. Managing Users > Working with Passwords

Working with Passwords

By default, Windows does not create passwords for user accounts when they're created. You should set a password for every account on your computer. You can set up or change your account's password at any time. Just follow these steps:

Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts.

Select your account icon if necessary, and choose Create a Password or Change My Password.

If you're adding a password for the first time, you'll be asked to enter the password twice, to be sure of the spelling. You also should enter a password hint, something that will remind you (and only you) what your password is. The hint will be displayed on the Welcome screen if you mistype your password when you try to log on. Remember that anyone can see the hint, so “My husband's name” is not a good choice. Then, click Create Password.

If you're changing your password, you'll have to enter your current password, and then type in your desired new password twice as indicated. Then click Change Password.

If you're entering a password for your own account for the first time, you'll be asked if you want to make your My Documents folder private. (This privacy feature works only if your hard disk was formatted with or updated to use the NTFS file system, as discussed in Chapter 26.) If you choose to make it private, other users will not be able to see it or view its files.

If you change your mind about this later, open My Computer, right-click your My Documents folder, select the Sharing tab, and check or uncheck Make This Folder Private. Click OK to confirm the change.



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