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Chapter 1. Introducing Windows XP Home E... > What Is Not in Windows XP Home Editi...

What Is Not in Windows XP Home Edition

Although all versions of Windows XP share common program code (also called the code base) beneath the surface and a common user interface (the “Luna” interface), Windows XP Home Edition represents the most basic form of Windows XP. The features missing from Windows XP Home Edition are features that Microsoft believes you, as a home computer user, just don't need or wouldn't use. They include

  • No support for advanced management features— Windows XP Home Edition doesn't support Remote Desktop (which allows remote access to a corporate desktop computer and remote administration of client computers on a network), Active Directory domains, group policies, IntelliMirror configuration and change management, and roaming user profiles.

  • No support for connections to a domain controller— Domain controllers make many remote management features possible, but Windows XP Home Edition doesn't support logons to domains.

  • No multiprocessor support— Windows XP Home Edition is designed for single-processor systems.

  • No dynamic disk support— Windows XP Home Edition supports only basic hard disk partition types (primary, extended, and logical drive letters within an extended partition).

  • No Web server— While Web developers using Windows 98 have been able to test their Web pages with the integrated IIS Personal Web Server, this feature is not present in Windows XP Home Edition.

  • No support for encryption or file-level access management— You can use share-level controls (a password for each shared folder or drive), but you cannot create groups of users with different levels of access to drives or devices.

  • No support for multiple-language installations— Wanting to install Windows so you can support a foreign exchange student's native language or make it easier for your kids to write their non-English term papers and still be able to switch back to English? Forget using Windows XP Home Edition, since it supports only one language per installation.

  • No support for advanced network features— If you need IPSec (IP Security), SNMP network management, simple TCP/IP, SAP Agent, Client Services for NetWare, Network Monitor or roving features, you need Windows XP Professional.



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