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Chapter 8. Internet and TCP/IP Connectio... > Changing the Default Connection - Pg. 238

Internet and TCP/IP Connection Options 238 If you right-click the connection icon, a pop-up menu appears. This menu contains the following options: · Disconnect--Hang up the connection · Status--View the Connection Status dialog · Open Network and Dial-Up Connections--Bring up the whole dial-up networking control panel Choosing Status from this menu opens the Status dialog box, which shows the number of bytes transmitted and received during the connection and the number of transmission errors detected; it also has buttons to let you disconnect or adjust the connection properties. Its Details tab lists tech- nical information such as the connection's IP address. Hanging Up a Dial-Up Connection After you finish with your Internet connection, simply right-click the connection icon in your System Tray, and select Disconnect. Windows hangs up the dial-up connection and removes the icon from the System Tray in a few seconds. Changing the Default Connection If you don't establish a connection manually before using an Internet program like Internet Explorer, Windows goes ahead and dials your ISP automatically when you start these programs. If you don't want Windows to dial automatically, or if you have defined multiple dial-up connections, you can tell Windows which, if any, of the connections you want it to dial automatically. To change the default settings, follow these steps: