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Chapter 8. Internet and TCP/IP Connectio... > Making and Ending a Dial-Up Connecti...

Making and Ending a Dial-Up Connection

If you use a dial-up connection with an analog modem or ISDN line, after you've set up an icon for your ISP, making the connection is a snap. You'll use this same procedure if you use a broadband connection with PPPoE that requires you to log on:

Select (double-click) the connection icon in Network Connections.

When Windows displays a connection dialog box (see Figure 8.13), enter the login name and password assigned by your ISP. If you're the only one using your PC (or you don't care who uses your account) check the Save Password check box so that you don't need to retype it every time you dial.

Figure 8.13. When you want to initiate a dial-up connection, enter your username and password, and check Save Password to simplify connecting in the future.


Put your dial-up connections on your Start menu for quick access. To do this, right-click the Start button. Click Customize, select the Advanced tab, and find Network Connections in the list of Start Menu Items. Check either Display As Connect-To Menu (which lets you dial a connection right from the Start menu) or Link to Network Connections Folder.

For dial-up connections only, check that the phone number is correct, including area code and any required prefix numbers. You might need to correct your current location (Dialing From) and/or the Dialing Rules if the prefix or area code isn't correct; to do this, click Properties, and then, optionally, Dialing Rules.

If you want other users of your computer to be able to use this same ISP account and password, or if you are going to use Internet Connection Sharing to share this connection, check Save This User Name and Anyone Who Uses This Computer.

Click Dial or Connect to make the connection.



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