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Chapter 15. Working with Photos and Movies > Creating an iMovie Project

Creating an iMovie Project

The first step in creating a movie is to create an iMovie Project. Your project should be contained within a specified folder. For example, before opening iMovie you create a new folder, and name it: ZooProject. Then when you create your project, you can save the project file inside this folder. In addition to the project file, you should also move all the project files (audio, video, and graphics) into this folder. The Project file is created when you save the project, and is used by iMovie to keep control of all the elements used in the construction of the iMovie. You can select from two common video formats: NTSC and PAL (). Every time you select save, iMovie updates the project file to reflect the current working state of the movie. If you delete the Project file, you still have access to the video, audio, and image file used in the creation of the movie, but you have to begin the project all over.

Create an iMovie Project

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iMovie icon.

To select a movie format, click the iMovie menu, click Preferences, click the NTSC or PAL option, and then click the Close button.

Click the File menu, and then click New Project.

Give the project a distinctive name.

Click the Where pop-up, and then select a location for the project.

Click Save.

IMPORTANT When you record video and/or audio directly into iMovie or import multimedia files, the actual files are saved in a folder named Media, and that folder is saved in the same location as the Project folder. That's makes them easy to find and move.



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