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Organizing Images

Once you've filled up the Photo Library with images you'll want a way to organize the images. The iPhoto application makes this easy by giving you the ability to sort and organize the images into separate albums (). Albums are like file folders that hold a specific type of image. For example, you can create an album for images of summer, or the first big snowstorm of the season. It's totally up to you on how you proceed with organization, but it can save you literally hours of time. Imagine, you have 6,000 images, and you're looking for that one special image. You can have albums created by topic, and then search to find the image you need.

Organize Images

Click the Add Album button (+). to create a new album.

Type a name for the new album.

Click OK.

Select the Photo Library or another album, and then drag images to the new album.

Click on the new album, and then select an image.

Click the Info button.

In the Title field, give the image a distinctive name.

Did You Know?

The Photo Library holds all of your images. When you click the Photo Library option, you're looking at a listing of every image held in iPhoto. When you delete an image from an album, you're only removing the link; not the image. If you delete an image from the Photo Library, you're deleting the actual image file.

Click the Info button again.

Type in a comment concerning the image.

IMPORTANT The information you type into the Comments area of the Info window can be used for sorting and finding specific images.

Click the Info button a third time to collapse the Info window.

To change the images display order in the window, drag an image and drop it into a new order.

To arrange photos in the active album, click the View menu, point to Arrange Photos, and then select from the available options:

  • By Film Roll

  • By Date

  • By Title

  • Manually

When you're finished, click the Close button.



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