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Chapter 15. Working with Photos and Movies > Putting iMovies on CD or DVD

Putting iMovies on CD or DVD

When your output of an iMovie is onto a CD or DVD, you don't have to worry as much about compression settings, as when you're trying to load and play movies on the Internet. DVDs are the obvious choice for high-quality and mass storage (DVDs hold over 4GB); however, not everyone owns a DVD capable computer or player. The alternative would be to move the project to a CD. CDs don't hold as much as a DVD (typically 600 to 700 MB), but most people do own a computer with a CD player. The choice is up to you, and it requires some thought and planning on how you want the movie displayed. When you create a CD file from an iMovie project, it's not necessary to have the blank CD ready. The iMovie application creates a separate file of the movie, and then places it in a location of your choice. Then, using Panther's built-in CD burner, all you have to do is insert a blank CD, and then burn the CD. The iMovie application works seamlessly with iDVD to create interactive movies. For example, you load a "store-bought" DVD of the latest Hollywood movie into your DVD player, you see a nice menu, and have the ability to move through the movie by selecting a chapter. Not only can you easily move an iMovie into iDVD, you can first create the chapters that iDVD uses to create the interactive buttons.

Create a CD Movie

Open an iMovie project.

Click Preview, and then test the movie.

Click the File menu, and then click Export.

Click the Export pop-up, and then select To QuickTime.

Click the Formats pop-up, and then select CD-ROM.

Click Export.

Name the file, and then select a location.

Click OK.

Once created, the file is now ready to be burned onto a CD.

Click the File menu, and then click Save Project.



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