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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Using iPod with iTunes

Using iPod with iTunes

There are bad MP3 players and there are good MP3 players, I would even go so far as to say there are great MP3 players… and then there's iPod. The iPod digital MP3 music player is so unique, it deserves a class all of its own. The iPod is the most successful digital music player ever created. More iPod players are sold than any other player. They're made for Macintosh and Windows machines, and it just so happens they work perfectly with the iTunes player. When you plug your iPod (FireWire) into your computer, it automatically opens the iTunes application and synchronizes playlists or voice notes that you create on your iPod (). It's then a simple matter of deleting songs you no longer want from the iPod, or dragging songs into your iPod.

Use iPod with iTunes

Plug your iPod into your computer (requires a FireWire port). This also recharges your iPod.

IMPORTANT The FireWire cable comes supplied with the iPod at purchase; however if you lose the cable, any standard firewire cable works.

Click the iPod option located in the Source column.

Click the expand/collapse button (triangle) to expand the iPod listing.

Select a file in the iTunes window, and then press Delete to remove the song from your iPod.

Drag a song or Playlist from the Source column into the iPod list, to add to your iPod.

Click the Eject button, located at the bottom of the iTunes window, to eject the iPod.

IMPORTANT If you disconnect your iPod without performing an Eject, it could cause the iPod hard drive (and all your songs), to become corrupted.

Quit iTunes.



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