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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Using the iTunes Music Store

Using the iTunes Music Store

The iTunes music store is a dream come true for all of us that love music, but don't necessarily want to buy the whole album just to get our favorite song. The music store was born out the desire to help musicians get paid for their work (Internet piracy of music is affecting the entire music industry), and to help the end-user (you and me) get what we want. The iTunes music store was not the first to make the purchase of songs or albums easy, but they are considered the best at doing it. All you have to do to get started is open the iTunes application, click the Music Store option, and that's it (assuming you have an Internet connection). Next, setup your payment options (it's easy if you have a .Mac account), and then begin hunting for the songs you love. Once you download a song, Apple lets you copy and play that song on up to three authorized machines. When you move a song to another computer, you are prompted to type in your Apple Account number, which authorizes that computer to play that song.

Use the iTunes Music Store

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iTunes icon.

Click the Music Store option.

Click on any of the various links to access that particular title.

Use the Search field and type a title or artist to search, and then press Return.

Did You Know?

There are more than just songs at the Apple Music Store. The Music Store has millions of songs, but there's also audio books () available for downloading. Just type in the name of your favorite author, and see if the books are available in audio format.

You can find audio books outside of the Apple Music Store. Point your browser to http://www.audible.com, for one of the largest selections of audio books in the world.

Double-click a song to hear a sample.

Click the Buy Song button, or (if available) select to purchase the entire album.

IMPORTANT If you haven't set up your payment options (credit cards), Panther prompts you to do so at this time.

The song(s) or album are downloaded into iTunes.

Quit iTunes.

IMPORTANT If you sell or otherwise dispose of a computer that has been authorized to play your songs, before you get rid of it, make sure you click the Advanced menu, and then click Deauthorize Computer. That allows you (when you get your new Mac), to authorize it to play copies of your music files.



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