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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Burning CDs and Exporting to MP3 Play...

Burning CDs and Exporting to MP3 Players

While CD's are still around and popular, digital music players seem to be one of the "newer" technologies set to change how we listen to our tunes. iTunes gives us the option to use CDs and digital music players—we can burn our own customized music CDs or we can transfer the music files to any one of a number of digital music players. When you insert the CD, iTunes gives you the option of choosing the Playlist you want to use. If the playlist is too large to fit on a single CD or DVD, iTunes asks you for another disc (). Digital music players, more commonly known as MP3 players, hold music files using the MP3 digital format. MP3 players can be thought of as a hard drive that holds music files, and then plays them back to you through a set of speakers or a headset. When you purchase your MP3 player, it comes with software designed to move music files from your computer hard drive to the drive located on the MP3 player. Some MP3 players, when connected to your computer, appear as an external hard drive.

Burn a Music CD

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iTunes icon.

Create a Playlist with the songs that you want to burn onto the CD.

Insert a blank CD into your drive.

IMPORTANT You must have a rewritable CD drive or a SuperDrive DVD.

Type a name for the music CD.

Click OK.

Click Burn Disc once to open the button, and then click a second time to perform the burning operation.

Quit iTunes.



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