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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Burning and Using a DVD

Burning and Using a DVD

Okay, you've worked for days on your great video masterpiece. You've created all the right themes, inserted the correct buttons; even created folders to help organize the project, and made it easy for your viewers to sit back and enjoy the show. The last step is the burning of your project onto a blank DVD. The best quality DVD's are 60 minutes or less. Going over sixty minutes forces iDVD to use additional compression to the source files and ultimately creates a lower-quality DVD.

Burn and Use a DVD

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iDVD icon.

Open an iDVD project.

Click the Project menu, and then click Project Info.

Check marks next to each of your source files means that everything is ready for burning.

IMPORTANT Typically when a source file does not have a check mark, it's been moved. Creating a project folder and keeping all the source files in one place, helps eliminate the case of the missing file.

Check the Project Duration at the top of the Project Info window.

Click OK.

Click the Preview button, test the movie, and then, if necessary, make any adjustments.

Click the Motion button.

If the Motion button is not green, your buttons won't animate, and there won't be audio playing in the background.

Click the File menu, and then click Save Project.

Click the Burn button once to open the button, and then a second time to begin the burning process.

When prompted, insert a blank DVD.

The iDVD application automatically ejects the finished DVD.

Test the DVD at home one last time before mailing it out to your friends or family.



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