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Creating a Slideshow

Creating and customizing the iDVD movie screen and populating it with buttons to access slideshows and folders is great. However, sooner or later you're going to have to add the movies, graphics, and audio files to create the final product. The iDVD application makes the process of adding files to the movie a snap. If you have a folder that contains all of your projects source files, simply open the file and begin dragging the files into the iDVD movie window. In addition, if you use iTunes and iPhoto, all you do is click a button to gain organized access to all of your files.

Create a Slideshow

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iDVD icon.

Create a new or open an existing project.

Click the Slideshow button.

Double-click the Slide Window button to access the file import window.

Select from the following importing methods:

  • Click the File menu, point to Import, and then click Images.

  • Open the file that contains your images, and then drag them into the slide window.

  • Click the Customize button, and then click the Photos button (requires the use of iPhoto).

Drag the files up and down in the window to change their stacking order.

To remove a file from the list, click on a file, and then press Delete.

Select the Display check box to display left and right navigation arrows with the slides.

Select the Add Original Photos On DVD-ROM check box to create a folder with the original images.

The user can then insert the DVD into their computer, open the folder, and then access the files.

Click the Slide Duration pop-up, and then select the length to display each slide.

TIMESAVER If you're using an audio file with the images, click the Slide Duration pop-up, and then select Fit To Audio. The iDVD program times the slides to match the ending of the audio.

Click the Thumbnail pop-up, and then select between small and large thumbnails (does not impact the running of the show).

Drag an audio file onto the Audio button to have background music play with the slides.

To move back to the main screen or folder, press the Return button.

Click the Preview button, and then click the Slideshow button to test the movie.

Quit iDVD.



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