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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Adding Menus, Buttons, and Folders

Adding Menus, Buttons, and Folders

Once you've opened iDVD and decided on the right theme, the next step is to begin adding control to the movie. Control is achieved through the introduction of buttons and menus, which the viewer can then use to control the movie when it's playing. For example, you could create a menu that contained buttons to let the viewer watch different videos or slideshows. In addition, you can create folders to separate sections of the iDVD. Think of all of this as creating an organized filing system for your movie. You can create buttons that show movies, buttons that perform a slideshow (complete with an audio track), or buttons that just display a single image. In short, a menu is a collection of buttons and folders, all designed to help the viewer navigate through your movie. When you create a button or folder, you're generating a new part of the movie. To access the Slideshow button contents or the new folder, double-click on the button or folder text, not the button icon.

Add Menus, Buttons, and Folders

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iDVD icon.

Create a new or open an existing project.

Click the Slideshow button.

Click the Customize button.

Click the Settings button.

Click the Button icon, and then select from the available button shapes.

Click to select between snapping the buttons to a pre-defined grid or free position (click and drag).

Did You Know?

You can change Themes in an iDVD movie. Since a folder represents a new section of the movie, double-click on the button text (this takes you to the new folder section), and then select a different theme. When you click the back arrow, the main screen still displays the original theme.

Change the Position, Font, and Color by clicking the appropriate pop-up.

Drag the Size slider left or right to decrease or increase the size of the font.

Click and select the text on the button, and then type in the appropriate text.

Click the Folder button, and then follow steps 6 through 10 to create and modify a folder button.

Add an image to the Slideshow or Folder button by dragging an image (or movie) from your project folder into the button/folder frame.

TIMESAVER Think of a folder as a separate section of the iDVD movie which can contain its own buttons and folders, just like the main screen. Since a scene can only hold a maximum of six buttons, creating folders gives you a way to increase the organization of complex iDVD movies.

Quit iDVD.



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