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Chapter 14. Working with Music and DVDs > Creating a Project and Selecting a Th...

Creating a Project and Selecting a Theme

To create an iDVD movie, you'll need material in the form of video files, audio files, and graphics—whatever you need to complete your project. To save a lot of frustration and lost time, create a project folder and place all of the movie elements into that single folder. That way you know where your stuff is, and if you need to pack up and move to another computer, all you have to do is move one folder. It's a simple trick, but it can save you hours of frustration, when you need that special movie file and you can't remember where you saved it. When you open iDVD for the first time, you are prompted to Create A New Project or Open An Existing Project. This is where you work smart and save the new iDVD project file in your Project folder. Once you've opened the iDVD project, the next thing would be to choose a theme. Themes are the backdrops for your project, and iDVD has dozens of pre-designed themes for you to select from to match the mood of your movie.

Create a Project and Select a Theme

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the iDVD icon.

Click the New Project button. iDVD opens up the last project created. If you want to create a new project, click the File menu, and then click New Project.

Name the project, select a location, and then click OK.

Click the Customize button.

Click the Themes button.

Click the Themes pop-up, and then select a theme.

Scroll through to select a theme.

Quit iDVD.



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