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Installing Mac OS 9

Installing Mac OS 9

In order to use Mac OS 9 in the Classic environment, you need to install the Mac OS 9.1 or later operating system. You can install and use Mac OS 9.1, but it's recommended by Apple that you use Mac OS 9.2. Depending on the type of installation you need to perform, either an upgrade from Mac OS 9.0 or earlier, or a clean install with no prior version of Mac OS 9, your installation steps may differ from the ones provided here. Since you are running Mac OS 9 on a Mac OS X system, you can install more than one Mac OS 9 system (separate System Folders). You might use one for Classic mode (a slim down version) and another for dual-booting (a maximized version); each system can have different settings based on your usage.

Install Mac OS 9 on a Panther System

Start your computer from the Mac OS 9 installation CD. Insert the CD, and then hold down the c key while restarting your computer.

Double-click the Mac OS Install icon to the launch the installer.

TROUBLE? If you need to restore an archived zip, double-click it's icon.

Click Continue in the Welcome window.

Select the disk on which you want to install Mac 9.2.

  • Mac OS 9.0. Click Select to update the system.

  • Mac OS X. Click Options, select the Perform Clean Installation check box, click OK, and then click Select to install a new system for Mac OS 9.

Read the important information, and then click Continue.

Read the Software License Agreement, and then click Continue.

Click Agree to continue.

Click Start in the Install Software window.

When the installation is done, click Quit.

Click the Special menu, and then click Restart.

The Mac OS Setup Assistant Introduction window appears when you start your computer for the first time with Mac OS 9.

Read the instructions that appear in each screen, and then click the right-point arrow button in the bottom right-corner to move from screen to screen.



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