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Using the Flights Channel

If you fly a lot, you'll like the ability to check flights directly from Sherlock's Flights channel. While checking flights online is not new, Sherlock makes the process fast and painless. For example, your sister is flying in from Florida to be with you for a week. So, you hop in your car, drive an hour to get to the airport, only to find that the flight has been delayed by two hours. You can't go home, so you cool your heels, waiting. That's a situation that would not have happened, if you had used Sherlock. Not only does Sherlock let you know when the flight is arriving, it lists all the legs of the flight, and even displays a map showing you the current position of the flight in the air. Now that's what I call real-time information.

Use the Flights Channel

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the Sherlock icon.

Click the Flights button.

Click the Airline pop-up, and then select All Airlines or select a specific airline.

TIMESAVER If you know the Flight Number or Airport Code, you can type it into the field for a specific search.

Click the Departure and Arrival pop-ups to select your airports.

Click the Search button to generate a list of flight matches.

Select your flight, and then click the Leg pop-up (new to Panther), to view information on a specific leg of the flight.

View a detailed map (if available) of the current position of the aircraft; including weather information.

Click the Channel Preference button to modify preferences for the Flights channel.

Quit Sherlock.



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