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Using Third-Party Channels

Third-party channels () are additional Sherlock friendly Web sites. Sherlock friendly means a Web site has designed an interface that is compatible with the Sherlock window. It also means that you can view the site without actually opening your Web browser application. Each day more and more sites are creating Sherlock friendly versions of their sites, which mean there are more and more sites available. Panther comes shipped with a dozen or more third-party channels, and gives you the ability to add more as they become available.

Use Third-Party Channels

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the Sherlock icon.

Click Other Channels, and then select from the available third-party channels.

IMPORTANT When you access the third-party channels for the first time, a warning disclaimer from Apple appears. You'll need to click Cancel or Proceed before the channels are downloaded.

Click the Content Provided By link to gain access to additional Sherlock friendly sites.

Click on a site to load it into the Sherlock window, and then click Cancel or Proceed to add it to the third-party channel.

Click the Channel menu, and then click Add Channel.

Select a location for the new channel.

Click Add.

To remove the channel from the list, select a channel, and then press Delete.

Click the User Submissions link to obtain more information on third-party channels and current channel development at Apple.

Quit Sherlock.



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