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Chapter 5. Using Mac OS X Applications > Playing QuickTime Movies

Playing QuickTime Movies

QuickTime 6 now features 3GPP, which is considered the standard for creating, delivering, and playing multimedia over high-speed wireless networks. Apple is the first to offer this feature, and it allows users all over the world to share 3GPP content with others via both computers and mobile devices. Besides fully supporting the 3GPP, QuickTime works with the MPEG4 format, giving you access to movie clips and high quality images. In addition, QuickTime delivers several performance enhancements, including DV encoding and decoding improvements, providing greater efficiency throughout the DV workflow for users of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and other QuickTime-based applications. And if it's file support you're after, the latest version of QuickTime supports: MIME type handling, improved automatic detection of streaming transport, direct playback of .amrsdv, Flash 5, DVC Pro PAL, JPEG 2000, Applescript, and more than 100 other media types such as DV, MP3, and JPEG.

Play QuickTime Movies

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the QuickTime Player icon.

If you're connected to the Internet, the QuickTime window displays an advertisement.

Click the movie controls to Play, Pause, Rewind, and Stop the movie.

Click the QuickTime button to gain access to other QuickTime options.

Click the File menu, and then click Open to load individual QuickTime (or other formatted) movies or URLs.

Click the Movie menu, and then select from the available options.

Quit QuickTime Player.



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