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Chapter 5. Using Mac OS X Applications > Using Mac OS X Applications

Using Mac OS X Applications

Mac OS X comes with several accessories, built-in applications that, while not as feature-rich as many applications sold separately, are extremely useful for completing basic tasks. A frequently used list of Mac OS X applications is provided here. However, you can view acomplete list of installed applications in the Applications folder on your hard disk drive. The Applications folder also contains a Utilities folder with additional application tools you can use to perform specialized functions, which are detailed more in later chapters.

Frequently Used Mac OS X Applications

Address BookStores names, addresses, and other contact information
AppleScriptAutomates tasks using a programming language
CalculatorPerforms arithmetic calculations
Character MapInserts special characters from installed fonts
DVD PlayerPlays sound, music, and video
Font BookInstalls, previews, and manages fonts and font collections
ICalKeeps track of calendar appointments
IChatSends and receives instant messages to online contacts
Image CaptureTransfers images from your camera to your computer
iMovieCreates movies using audio and video files
iPhotoOrganizes and shares digital photo collections
iSyncCompares information on your computer and devices and updates them to be the same
iTunesPlays digital sound files
MailProvides e-mail, newsgroup, and directory services
PreviewViews, rotates, resizes, crops, and converts image files (JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PICT, PNG,BMP, and SGI)
QuickTime PlayerPlays media located on your computer, a CD, or Internet
SafariDisplays Web (HTML) pages
StickiesCreates notes for reminders, lists, and messages
SherlockFinds information available from Web services
TextEditCreates, edits, and displays text, Rich Text Format, and Word documents



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